Terms and Conditions

By adhering to all the terms and conditions, Instant Bad Credit Loans UK provides loans on customer’s satisfaction. It is recommended to the customer that please read the prospects of the company carefully. In case of any query, you must feel free to call on the provided numbers.

  • Instant Bad Credit Loans UK follows the rules and regulations of Financial Conduct Authority. It is in record of company’s Performa that the aim is to set the application, which is registered under a confidential profile between the customer and the lender directly, not through an arranged loan agent. The motive of this automated website is to provide service on the loan requirement so that a borrower can apply to the desired amount.
  • It is our duty to provide you loan on an instant basis according to your consented application and not to process the details of the amount to any third party lender or a loan agent. Concerning your endeavour, it is our responsibility to provide you loan on the best service possible and we expect from our customers to co-operate with our representatives in a full processed manner.
  • Your co-operation can be counted in two ways - First, it can be possible that you have to participate in the following procedures when lender may ask you to send or completing and signing of further documents for forthcoming agreements. Second, on the rare or special cases, you may have to show the income proof before the loan is granted. Therefore, Instant Bad Credit Loans UK runs these statistics to serve the need of the borrowers and they are handled with utmost priority.
  • The company receives the loan application based upon the information sincerely provided by the borrowers. It is in our policy that we rely on full honesty of the client that the information mentioned in the application is true to the best of his knowledge. This is to bring in your notice that by using this website, your credit details will be suspected by the lender via credit reference agency.

There is no fee deduction from debit card of the borrowers at the time loan approval because we share a strict policy that no extra fee will be charged from the borrowers on stage of borrowing period.

Towards the encouragement of the repayment procedure, we share a free charge on the borrower’s head. In other words, we allow you to set the repayment mode according to your feasibility. However, if your payment shows pending status, then we reserve the right not to process the loan details further.

Nevertheless, we accept instalments from you in a good faith on the mutual understanding that all funds will be cleared on time.

In any case, a lender feels that the details in the application form is deceptive then they show an error to deal on the process of loan any further.

All the information shared at the time of approval will remain at the secured between the two parties: Instant Bad Credit Loan UK and the client.

By using our services, you can get the access of APR, which is clearly displayed on the front page of the company’s website. The example figure of rates is advertised based upon the representative (APR). All the representative figures are shown for an illustrative purpose, for the clear understanding you must connect with the lender.

If you wish to cancel your application or if you are not satisfied with our service you can share by sending us an email, for that you have to email us on: enquiry@instantcreditloans.co.uk.

We have a special programme, which is set especially to deal with customer’s complaints and suggestions. It is to be hoping that the customer enjoys the borrowing period with zero stress of repayment schedule. We stand a chance to serve our customers with suitable polices for their any financial requirement.

Complaint procedure

  • Mention your name, address and loan reference number
  • State your complaint
  • Send email on: enquiry@instantcreditloans.co.uk

We aim to reply within 24 hrs of complaint received. Thank you for connecting with Instant Bad Credit Loans UK.

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