Bad Credit Loans for CCJ from £500 to £10000

Do not worry if your credit score is not worth considering because Instant Bad Credit Loans UK does not hesitate to provide you with bad credit loans for CCJ. Being a responsible lender, we understand that you may need money even if your credit record is disappointing.

CCJ stands for County Court Judgement, a type of a court order, issued against you when you fail to pay off what you owe. This is the final straw that lenders use against you when you have not replied to notifications (emails and letters) sent by them and answered their phone calls after making defaults. Credit bureaus record CCJ on your report, which abates your credit score from bad to extremely poor. If you apply for a new loan next time, lenders will consider this and as a result, they may rebuff your loan application.

This may be a very painful situation as extremely poor credit score may hold you back from taking out a new loan. Well, we do not have a problem to lend you money as long as you show satisfied CCJ on your report.

Have a Glance at Attributes of Our Services

Bad credit personal loans do not require collateral or a guarantor and hence they are also known as unsecured personal loans. Here are the eligibility criteria that Instant Bad Credit Loans UK follows:

  • We accept bad and very poor credit history.
  • We do not charge upfront fees.
  • You get what you can afford.
  • We follow simple application form.
  • Loan is disbursed within the same day.

Advantages Combined with CCJ Loans

Following are the advantages available to you if your credit score is beyond bad. To be eligible for CCJ loans, you should be 18-years-old or over, the resident of the UK, have a bank account, and a steady source of income.

  • Guaranteed Approval:

    Irrespective of your past credit record, we are determined to give you the benefit of guaranteed approval on your loan application. This may require a guarantor who will enter into an agreement with you. The guarantor can be your family member, friend, or colleague, who will be called upon to repay if you fail to pay off your debt. You can apply for the term from 12 months to 36 months. Since the entire loan is to be reimbursed within an extended period, you can easily manage your debt.

  • Doorstep Funding:

    Get cash at your doorstep! You can avail these loans if you need a small amount. For a large sum of money, you will have to opt for a guarantor. An agent will visit your home to discuss your income, outgoings and needs. He will determine the disbursal limit according to your income so that you can pay back your whole of the debt within the given time. With doorstep service, you can choose payment dates as per your own convenience.

  • Logbook Facility:

    In this sort of funding, you have to put your vehicle as a security against the loan. You can keep using your vehicle as long as you pay instalments on time. Your vehicle will be detained if you stop making payments. The duration of such loans varies from 3 months to 5 years.

There is Still more you need to know

Unfortunately, you cannot negotiate for interest rate if you are taking out ccj loans no guarantor or it may be applicable only in rare cases. Before you take these loans, make sure that you are able to pay back on time. If you fail to keep your promise, you may lose your possessions, and if you have a guarantor, he will pay on your behalf.

If you think that you will not be able to repay your debt on time, you should immediately talk to us and explain your situation. We will help you by introducing other affordable ways. Such behaviour will not only help you get rid of a debt but also keep CCJ at bay.

Ccj loans direct lender UK aims to provide financial assistance to the needy people. Whether your credit score is good, bad or extremely poor, we are always there to support you. Apply now!

Bad Credit Loans for CCJ FAQs

Can I get a loan with CCJ?

Yes! You can get a loan even if you have CCJ. However, having a CCJ affects your credit score in a negative way, so it may be difficult for you to get the credit and you might have to pay a higher rate of interest.

Once you pay back your loan on time, lenders will not pay much attention to it and it will completely get removed from your credit history after six years. There are many online lenders like Instant Bad Credit Loans who provide loans for people with CCJ.

How to get a loan from direct lender with no guarantor despite CCJ?

Even if you have a CCJ against you, you can get a loan from direct lenders with no guarantor. There are many direct lenders like Instant Bad Credit Loans who provide loans to the borrowers who have CCJ. You just need to search online for marketplace lenders and apply on their website to get the approval.

Can I get a loan without guarantor if I am unemployed and I have bad credit score?

Yes! Of course, you can get a loan if you’re unemployed and no one is ready to guarantee your loan application. There are many marketplace lenders like Instant Bad Credit Loans who provide loans to unemployed people who have bad credit and no guarantor. Unemployed people have their own needs and expense, hence based on that lenders have introduced special loan product for them. You can avail the loan online.

How do I get a loan with CCJ and without guarantor?

It is not a difficult task to get a loan even though you have CCJ against you. Although it gives the wrong impression to lenders if you have CCJ but still there are many online lenders like Instant Bad Credit Loans who provide loans for people who have CCJ against them. So, you can avail a loan with CCJ and without guarantor from marketplace lenders. You just need to do some research online and find the lender who provides loan at less interest rate.

How to get a CCJ loan from direct lender?

It is not impossible to get a loan if you have CCJ against you. You still have a chance to get it even if you are struggling with CCJ. Some lenders might consider your application and some not.

Although having a CCJ on your credit record gives a bad impression to lenders and in turn may reduce the chance of getting the loan from primary lenders like banks, credit union and other financial institution. But you still get the CCJ loans from a direct lender. There are many online lenders who provide loans for borrowers with CCJ on their credit history.

Can I get CCJ loan with no guarantor?

Many loan options available for borrowers with poor credit and CCJ are generally coupled with assets like home and vehicle. Some lenders also ask you to bring a guarantor to provide security to your loan. These forms of security are needed to reduce the risk of probable loss in case of non-repayment by the borrowers. Finding a guarantor is not an easy task and the person have to meet strict eligibility criteria to be considered as a guarantor. If you want to take an unsecured loan but is unable to find a guarantor then you can consider a CCJ loan with no guarantor as a feasible option.

Very bad credit loans – do they exist or not?

The very bad credit loans do exist but they are not in abundance in the loan market. Instant Bad Credit Loans provide them. You may need to pay a little high rate but the efforts are always to bring the interest rate down through customisation. To qualify for the very bad credit loans by direct lenders, you have to show any sort of income. In the absence of your capacity to handle the loan instalments, lender cannot approve the application.

Payday loans for CCJs are accepted or not?

Not all lenders but yes, several payday lenders accept applicants despite CCJ. You can search them online as ‘Payday loans CCJs accepted’, you may not get plenty but several options. Instant Bad Credit Loans are among those. However, stay prepared to pay the high interest rates and the loan amount too is not big. You can play safe on the loan approval game by showing some prominence to the lender on the repayment capacity. It is vital to be accepted for the loan.

Is there any possibility to get loans for people with CCJ?

Yes, there is 100% possibility to get loans online with the constraints of having CCJ mark. To get instant approval you have to make sure about the income which can state your capability to return the amount. The lender gives strict checking to the credit score and your areas where you can get the money on time. If you are able to get that thing right then lender can consider giving you amount with some flexible features.

What are the perquisite of ccj loans no guarantor direct lender?

There are some protocols which you have to follow because if you are CCJ bound then getting approval can become tricky but not impossible. On that note, if you have all these things then you can get approval instantly such as:

  • Correct bank statements
  • Income proof
  • Employment status
  • Residential history
Where can I get ccj loans direct lender?

You can easily get the loans from source of online lending because the direct lenders provide you the best financial aid. In which, you can get to select the easy repayment feature. For example, if you select instant bad credit loans then this lender can help you to get the CCJ loans easily.

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