Having a bad credit situation and that too, with the complication of County Court Judgement is the absolute presence of viciousness. You find it difficult, in fact, impossible to come out of the mess and regain the lost peace of financial life. To bring ease in such chaotic situation, the bad credit loans for CCJ are necessary to come into the picture. At Instant Bad Credit Loans, we provide these loans with the aim to bring you back on normal track. It is the significant is to prevent very bad credit score, and if that has happened with you, then we offer you a rescue plan.

Why bad credit CCJ loans and how they help?

The loans are the tool to revive finances, as they do not just provide funds but also bring a positive change. You borrow funds not for the sole purpose to feed some financial crisis. The prime purpose is to improve credit rating.

We intentionally provide you funds on customised deals to facilitate easy repayments. With every on time payment, the credit score takes a boost, and you achieve a better situation. The funds you avail can be used to pay some of your debts. It brings another small piece of relief.

We can help you pay off all debts to remove CCJ within one month

It is a known fact that if within one month of CCJ, you pay all your debts, that mark will be removed from your financial records. With the money obtained from our CCJ bad credit loans, you can pay a part of your obligations. In a way, we are the companions of your journey to the betterment of future financial life. It saves you from getting into the huge and intense threat of very bad credit score situation.

We want to keep our approval score 9 out of 10 for that we need these

As the prime target is to help you bring back the good days, we give you easy approvals. However, for that, we need to have some support from your side.

  • Prove us your repayment capacity against the loan amount through current income status
  • In case your current income is not sufficient to prove repayment capacity, you can provide a backup. This can be either guarantor or collateral. But this is OPTIONAL.

Soft credit check for no search footprint

You have all the reasons to feel afraid of a credit check, and we have all the rights to make you feel secure. Our loan procedures are free from the formalities of credit score perusal. In place of that, we take some of your financial and personal details. Your salary slip, job stability proof, bank statement, current home address etc. are required, and then we take an instant approval decision. Keep no worries, come to us, and we will provide you with money without a credit check.

Repair ruined finances faster with these features

Through certain qualities, we help you ensure that your scattered situation achieves betterment.

  • Acceptance to bad as well as very bad credit rating
  • Personalised pricing
  • 24x7 availability
  • 100% online procedures
  • Instant approval decision
  • Fund disbursement in the minimum possible time
  • No upfront fee
  • You get what you can repay
  • No physical verification required


However, our bucket of a beneficiary is quite big but it is necessary that you must know it precisely.

  • Employed
  • Unemployed
  • Self-employed (start-up as well as established businesses)
  • People on benefits
  • Single parents
  • People in wait of a judgement under a criminal charge
  • Retired people up to the age of 65 years

Anyone who can prove the repayment capacity against the asked amount can get loans from us.

Escape from adversities of CCJ

When you take the bad credit CCJ loan and repay it on time, your situation in the following circumstances improves.

With CCJ After you get our solution
You can lose your job or may fail to switch to a new job opportunity. Improved credit score remove the obstructions of career.
You fail to get a home on rent Better financial situation helps on this aspect
You cannot qualify for financial products With our loans you improve rating and can apply for any financial opportunity

How much time to get back to good days? Tenure and Loan amount decide

It is something that depends on the tenure that you opt for. Also, the loan amount matters a lot.

Loan Tenure – 3 months ----------------------------- 36 months

Loan Amount - £1000 --------------------------------- £5000

As the maximum duration, we offer for the loan is 36 months, this is what you can consider but as the due duration. Besides, it all depends on the individual situation. If you borrow for 24 months and repay the funds on time, then your stress, as well as mess time gets over, in just 24 months. Or if the tenure is 12 months, things get done in a shorter duration. All depends on you and your affordability.

We want you to do the following to help us offer a suitable deal

The bad credit situation acts severely when it pairs with CCJ. To provide an instant and due solution and save time, we expect you to do the following things.

Kindly check your credit score before applying – We may have some questions about your credit records. Also, we do not want to miss any information. If you check it, you can ensure that all the details are mentioned there.

Get registered in the electoral roll on current address – This is important to help us find your current location easily. Some applicants lose their chance to qualify for loans due to wrong address information. Do not let it happen in your case. Besides, the electoral roll helps us know your existence better as a citizen.

Instant Bad Credit Loans dedicates its loan products for the betterment of financial atmosphere. We are more than ready to help you have a better tomorrow. Just give us some basic situations so that we can work on your application and THEN consider your job done.

Bad Credit Loans for CCJ FAQs

Can I get a loan?

Yes! You can. However, having a CCJ affects your credit score negatively, so it may be difficult for you to get the credit, and you might have to pay a higher rate of interest.

Once you pay back your loan on time, lenders will not pay much attention to it, and it will completely get removed from your credit history after six years.

Can I get a loan without guarantor if I am unemployed and I have a bad credit score?

Yes! Of course, if you’re unemployed and no one is ready to guarantee your application. Many marketplace lenders offer to unemployed people who have bad credit and no guarantor. Unemployed people have their own needs and expense, hence based on that lenders have introduced unique loan product for them.

How do I get a loan with CCJ and without guarantor?

It is not a difficult task to get. Although it gives the wrong impression to lenders still there are many online lenders provide loans for people who have CCJ against them. So, you can avail a loan without guarantor from marketplace lenders. You need to do some research online and find the lender.

How to get a loan from a direct lender?

It is not impossible to get a loan if you have CCJ against you. You still have a chance to get it even if you are struggling. Some lenders might consider your application and some not. Although having a loan on your credit record gives a wrong impression to lenders and in turn may reduce the chance of getting the loan from primary lenders like banks, credit union and other financial institution.

Very bad credit loans – do they exist or not?

The very bad credit loans do exist, but they are not in abundance in the market. We provide them. You may need to pay a little high rate, but the efforts are always to bring the interest rate down through customisation. To qualify for the very bad credit loans by direct lenders, you have to show any income. In the absence of your capacity to handle the instalments, a lender cannot approve the application.

Payday loans for CCJs are accepted or not?

Not all lenders but yes, several payday lenders accept applicants despite CCJ. You can search for them online, and you may not get plenty but several options. Instant Bad Credit Loans are among those. However, stay prepared to pay high-interest rates. You can play safely on the loan approval game by showing some prominence to the lender on the repayment capacity.

Is there any possibility to get loans for people?

Yes, there is 100% possibility to get loans online with the constraints of having a CCJ mark. To get instant approval you have to make sure about the income which can state your capability to return the amount. The lender gives strict checking to the credit score and your areas where you can get the money on time. If can get that thing right, then the lender can consider giving you the amount with some flexible features.

What are the prerequisite of County Court Judgement loans no guarantor direct lender?

There are some protocols which you have to follow because if you are CCJ bound, then getting approval can become tricky but not impossible. On that note, if you have all these things, then you can get approval instantly, such as:

  • Correct bank statements
  • Income proof
  • Employment status
  • Residential history
Hassle-Free Process
No Hidden Charges
Dedicated Lending

24/7 Available

Apply Now